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Special Occasions


When you are invited to a wedding, a birthday party, a special event in general is not easy to choose the appropriate clothing for your children . They will have to be smart to honor the hosts and the specialty of the event, and will be comfortable to move at ease in the spaces and enjoy the party too . For these reasons, we have created a line of dresses and suits for boys and girls that will leave all of your guests spellbound about your children, and at the same time they free to play and run around and spend nicely the day . Always natural fabrics , cottons , fresh  linen tissues, or silk organza soft or crisp for summer and warm but light wools , cashmere velvet smooth or ribbed , tartan  for the winter. You will choose between light  and ethereal colors, especially for girls , or the classic blue , paired with white or natural tones, pearl gray , tobacco or cheerful flowers fabrics or Scottish tartans .

And if your children have been chosen to be bridesmaids or flowergirls or pageboys and ringbearers, and have the honor  to bring the faiths to the altar or to hold a  the bride's veil , you can choose the dresses truly special, coordinates for the babies, the younger kids and older ones, that will remain a keepsake for the whole family and can be used by siblings or cousins ​​or other children's friends and handed down over tim

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  • Leo


    Formal and elegant outfit for baby boy and boy  for every kind of ceremony. The outfit is made  in silk, lined in cotton fabric, consists of short or knikerboker pants and a shirt (short or long sleeves) with smocked jabot . Shirts comes in white, pants in different colors.The waistband is closed behind with convenient Velcro. It's  "the suit" for a very chic boy at weddings or special events.

  • Lapo


    Elegant set for children for every type of ceremony. The outfit consists of trousers (knickerboker, shorts or long pants) in plaid wool tartan, lined inside; shirt in soft, smooth cotton velvet; silk shantung waist band, closed behind with comfortable velcro. It 's the dress for a chic child at weddings or special events.

  • Corrado


    Tihs stunning set for children is suitable for every type of ceremony. The outfit consists of trousers (knickerboker, shorts or long pants), shirt, vest and papillon in silk or cotton gabardine. Pants and vest are  lined inside. The perfect outfit for a little prince at weddings or special events.