Everything we send you is covered by our 100% guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase we will be happy to replace it or to send  ... whichever you prefer.

We only ask that you remember that all our dresses are made specifically tailored to you, so we ask that you return them to a RIGHT REASONS.
Please note that we are not a multinational company like Amazon, and we do not sell industrial or mass-produced items. We are a small artisan workshop and everything you ordered was done by hand, with hours and hours of work, especially on order!

Items must be returned NOT LATER THAN 14 days of receipt (Presidential Decree 50 of 15/01/92), sending the goods at their own expense, at the above address, sending a COMMUNICATION by REGISTERED LETTER of the subject reasons for the termination and specifying whether prefer replacement or good credit.

The procedure for replacement or refund will be made within one month after notification. The RETURN OF CUSTOMS FEES are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Are EXCLUDED from the refund GARMENTS MADE TO MEASURE. Thanks again for choosing "Assunta Anichini"! For any information contact anichini@anichini.net.